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In order to unite its citizens, we think we need to build a feeling of belonging to Europe. De facto, Europe doesn't end at the borders of the Old Continent. Its presence at the heart of the Pacific Ocean is a reality that too many Europeans ignore. Moreover, early school leaving is a strong indicator of the difficulties our pupils have to cope with.

Building on the wealth and plurality of European cultures, we intend to give everyone the tools they need to develop their curiosity and their motivation, pillars of a successful schooling. In order to achieve this, our two main levers will be to improve their skills in English and ICT.

To see our project through, we will lean on a partnership between secondary schools from Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey and French Polynesia.

The core of our acticities will take the form of the construction of a digital train carrying the cultural heritage of each partner. Each wagon will be filled with digital documents from the study of six topics : graphic art, architecture, handicraft, cooking, myths and legends, dancing and singing. Following the loading of each wagon, a meeting in one of the partner countries will be held and will provide an opportunity to put into practice communication in English language on one hand, and a discovery of Europe in its tangible reality on the other hand.

The record of our work will be made available on a dedicated Internet site as well as on the Erasmus+ dissemination platform.The board game « All on board ! » which will result from the whole project will serve as a learning tool of European cultures and English language for other schools and cultural organisms.

At the start of the project, an initial diagnosis pointed out the items to strengthen in order to build a European identity. We have thus chosen four targets : mind-opening, mastering the English language and ICT, fighting early school leaving. The expected effects will result from the acquired skills and will generate motivation, curiosity, open-mindedness, and independence. In order to evaluate our actions, we have worked on defining indicators that will give a clear assessment both of quality and quantity.

The expected impact on pupils and teachers will be the capacity to incorporate to learning and practice the elements of a common culture derived from practical activities throughout the project. We should witness an increase in the use of ICT resources and of English language. In the long term, each one will aim to develop a European reflex, both in the establishment of reasoning patterns and in their feeling of belonging to Europe.

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